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Brand Story 03

When comes to money and passion, which would you choose? Think and act perceptually or rationally?

Let’s see how this story begin.

There is a phenomenon in today’s society: Majority of the students would choose to leave for United Kingdom, Australia or United States to develop a better career life. Sadly, no one or just a percentage of them chose their home country.

Reason? Traditional and old-fashioned mindset— The moon in foreign lands seems fuller and brighter.

Working overseas is one the biggest dream of mine.

So, after graduated from Bachelor Degree in International Hospitality Management and I got the job offer in Macau. Honestly, that was the biggest achievement in my life!

But things are not going as we’ve planned. People who worked overseas will understand that, getting job promotion seems to be impossible, in some departments.

So, questions.

Would you stay? For the good compensation.

Or leave? To start up something that you have passion with.

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