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9 Tricks for Affordable Wedding

Do you ever want to throw your dream wedding without sacrificing anything? Then you might need to consider these steps.

Honestly, wedding is an expensive stuff. Every bride wants the grandest ceremony, or be the most beautiful woman on that night. Bear in mind, every single detail costs you money.

However, not all the brides could afford for the custom-made marble table or golden bridal gown, but it is pretty easy to adjust your budget without sacrificing anything you love.

The key is, you just need to understand the art of compromising.

1. Beer and Wine

Instead of liquor or hard alcohol, serve only beer and wine. They can pair with any dinner and it is acceptable by majority of Malaysian. Worried your guests feel unhappy with the dull one? Offer limited selection of signature cocktail!

2. Plan wisely

Your wedding rundown must be planned carefully and wisely. This is because photographers and musicians will charge for extra time, make sure there is no long gap between events. Plus, your guests will never get bored too.

3. RSVP go smart

Everyone is concerning about the environment. Have your guests RSVP on wedding website or Facebook group instead of on a card. Trust me, you will save a lot of papers and efforts!

4. Standing ceremony

To save more, you may consider a standing ceremony to save on chairs rental. But of course, please reserve few chairs for elderly guests or those who are unable to stand for long period.

5. DIY photo booth

Give up your fancy and complicated photo booth, now you can get a digital Polaroid instead. If you are marrying outdoor with garden, just set up a simple backdrop with lovely decoration and ask your guests to leave you a note with snap.

6. Repurpose bridesmaid’s bouquets

After the vow, turn the bouquets into a large centrepiece on the dining table. Not serving dinner buffet? Turn the bouquets into smaller parts and decorate it on your cocktail tables. Imagine how meaningful wedding is this!

7. Your own menu

The longer the menu, the more you need to pay. Instead of lengthy dinner menu, you can serve just one superb main dish, and come with some options which is less pricey.

8. Rate for alcohol

Not all of your guests are big drinkers. Try to negotiate with caterer if you can pay just what is consumed.

9. Pick non-peak date

No doubt, peak season is expensive. Try unconventional date and time instead! Trust me, you can save a lot on venue rental.

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