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5 Reasons Why Garden Wedding

garden wedding in petaling jaya ss 2

Hello Bride-To-Be! Have you decided your wedding ideas yet? Beach? Church? Or do you ever thought of Garden Wedding?

If it is one of your plan, then you are in the right track!

1. Garden is pretty in itself! You don't worry too much for the decoration! You may just need chairs, flowers for this and that...

2. Plenty of space! Mostly all the gardens are large and opened, so you can set up photo booth and rest area without huge problem.

3. Giving you natural light for beautiful photo shooting. Remember, wedding photos are the most important things.

4. Be the unconventional one in the town. Having garden wedding in a city, why not?

5. Enjoy the very best of nature. Greenery makes you refresh, relax and happy!

Luxury wedding does not mean costly. What you need to do is just think out of the box and give yourself an unforgettable wedding.

Here in Throne Garden, our wedding planner will assist you with throwing your desire nuptial affair-- with yours and ours passions.

garden wedding in petaling jaya ss 2

garden wedding in petaling jaya ss 2

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