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How to get to Petaling Jaya from KLIA 2


Welcome to Malaysia! What else do you know besides Kuala Lumpur?

Do you know that? With the development and expansion of the public transport system in Malaysia, suburb areas are now connected and accessible! So, why not spending 30 minutes more to explore beyond Kuala Lumpur?

Petaling Jaya, which situated in Selangor State, is the most dynamic and authentic suburb area that will keep you entertained all the time. Perhaps this place is what real backpacker/ solo-travelers looking for-- quiet and relax. And LOCAL!

Despite the distance, you still able to travel to other cities with ease. As there is a lot of locals travelling in and out from Petaling Jaya, the city has catered to commuters with several transportation options: Rapid KL Buses and LRT.


How to travel from KLIA 2? Just follow the 8 steps!

1. After the immigration check, just proceed to the Exit.

2. Walk straight and follow the sign “Bus and Taxi / Bas dan Teksi”. On the way, you will pass by restaurants and fashion outlets (H&M).

how to get coupon taxi in KLIA2

how to get coupon taxi in KLIA2

3. After 5-7 minutes, you will see “Family Mart” next to the Arrival Door 2 (Exit 2).

4. Follow the blue color sign. Right in front of the “Family Mart”, take the travellator down to Level 1 (Transportation Hub).

how to get coupon taxi in KLIA2

5. Take a right turn after the travellator. From here, you will see counters separated with left and right side.

6. For Bus Counter and Taxi Counter, just proceed to the counters as shown in the picture (at your left side).

taxi counter and bus counter in KLIA 2

Now, make a choice. Bus? Or Taxi?

7. For Taxi, proceed to Counter 4 (Metered Taxi) or Counter 5 & 6 (Coupon Taxi). After that, exit to Door 4 (In front of the counters) to board your taxi.

*Scroll down for price*

coupon taxi counter in KLIA 2

8. For Bus, proceed to Counter 1-3 (AeroBus Counter). After that, exit to the Door 1 or 2 (Next to the travellator) and wait for your bus.

*Scroll down for price*

bus counter in KLIA2

F L O O R P L A N:

P R I C E:

Coupon Taxi : Approximately RM 90-95 per person to House of Throne, SS 2 Area (Price depends on number of person and distance)

Aerobus : RM 12 per person to Paradigm Mall

***House of Throne, No. 51, Jalan SS 2/3, Opposite road of the LRT Taman Bahagia Station.


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