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Want to earn extra on holiday? 🎪🌿

Market’s Booth Recruitment started! 💰💰 During the Wesak Day Festival this May, House of Throne allows you to set up booth in the market for F R E E ! This is an inaugural event in Petaling Jaya, aiming to develop this area into a tourist destination. Due to the limited number of booths available, stall owners shall register as soon as possible. If your handicraft or food catering is in sync with this event, please sign up as it is a rare opportunity! Being free of charge, a RM50 deposit is required and will be returned after the event. // Artistic Booth // 🍶 Dyeing, weaving, ceramics, tea leaves and other original handicrafts. // Second-hand Stalls // 🕰 Childhood memories, used antiques, used clothing. // Food Stalls //🥡 Creative cuisine, drinks, desserts (Cutleries and stoves are not provided) **Not more than 5 meals per booth 【 Registration Details 】 🔎🔎 1. Please attach the Facebook link of your brand 2. Please attach three photos of your products (2mb+-) 3. Please attach the brand profile (about 50 characters, Chinese and English) 4. Please attach the brand trademark 5. After the application is approved, please transfer the market stall deposit of RM50 into Rong Seng Wushu Academy 3179443324 PUBLIC BANK * Please send us the receipt after banking in. (Refundable after the event)* 6. The stall owners must bring their own chairs and tables. The booth is 4 feet x 4 feet in size. 7. The list of selected candidates will be announced on April 20, 2018. Units that were not selected will have their deposits returned. 8. Your bank account information. 9. Deadline for registration: April 15, 2018 【 Registration method 】 📬📬 Please send the above required information (No. 1-5) to:


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