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Terms and Conditions


  • RM 100 (4 lessons per mth),  RM 150 (8 lessons per mth)

  • All payment must be made by 1st week. 20% penalty will be charged for all late payments.

  • Students are encouraged to pay 3-months fees in advance.

  • Students are NOT allowed to avoid payment for absent month. Student who fail to do so have to RE-REGISTER: Pay deposits (RM50) and registration fees (RM50).

  • Payment Book must be signed by student once payment is made, to ensure payment is well received.



  • Consecutively of missing 3-classes without any notification is to be considered as WITHDRAWAL. Then students are required to RE-REGISTER.

  • Attendance will be taken

  • Students are required to be punctual to class

  • Parents MUST be punctual to pick up their children


Replacement class

  • Classes will be held as usual on Public Holiday and replacement school day.

  • Class cancelled by RS center will be replaced on 5th week of the month (RS replacement class).

  • Any class cancellation will be shown on RS notice board and Facebook page.

  • Students are ONLY allowed to replace maximum 2 missed classes for a month.

  • Student who wants to have replacement class, PLEASE notify coaches and RS admin.

  • Students will be charged RM30 (per class) for attending EXTRA class for the month.



  • All RS students are compulsory to purchase Full Uniform set and wear it during class.



  • No phone calling after 10pm, kindly SMS or Whatsapp to us. We need rest TOO!

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